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2k, 45 m², 1/5, Davydova street, 24, Vladivostok

Cozy apartment in one of the best areas of the city, well-developed infrastructure. All three windows face east. Everything you need for life is within walking distance.
Made electrician, suspended ceilings and lighting - soffits, plastic windows! Wallpaper on the walls, linoleum on the floor - everything is in good condition. The front door of the DORZ factory, on the windows there are horizontal blinds to order, and there are also niches for curtain rods.
The first floor is handy for people with limited mobility. The apartment is warm and dry. One adult owner, no registered.

Furniture and household appliances
Glass ceramic hob, Titanium, Kitchen set

Infrastructure and communications
Intercom, Internet, Cable TV 

2k, 45 m², 1/5, Davydova street, 24, Vladivostok

RUB 4,920,000.00 Regular Price
RUB 4,870,000.00Sale Price

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