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2k, 56m, 14/16, Tolstoy street, 40a, Vladivostok

Condition and features of the apartment

The apartment has just been renovated and is fully equipped for a comfortable stay. Photos of the interior are real. The apartment has a view, has a warm panoramic windows. During the repair, expensive European materials and plumbing were used. All window sills and countertops in the apartment are made of stone. If desired, there is one park available. A place in the underground parking, paid separately.


Furniture and household appliances

The apartment is fully equipped with expensive furniture and appliances.


Infrastructure and communications

Warm underground parking, There are only three apartments on the site, All neighbors have made repairs, Intercom, Internet, Cable TV, Concierge, Elevator, Closed area, HOA.



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2k, 56m, 14/16, Tolstoy street, 40a, Vladivostok

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