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2-room apartment, 57.8 m², 12/13 floor, Generala Belik 13

Modern playground


Video surveillance    

Luxurious view from the window


Apartment with a beautiful view of the city and mountains!


Extremely successful layout, Plastic windows on 2 sides, Pantry / Dressing room, Glazed loggia, Stretch and two-level ceilings, Laminate floor, Built-in kitchen. Well-groomed entrance.


Almost everything remains. 

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Any company that copies our style of work and has a name other than "Aristocrat" is not our affiliate, therefore: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF SUCH COMPANY.


FREE to our Buyers and Owners:


1. SAFE payment systems

2. DISCOUNT for the mortgage of PJSC Sberbank

3. Conducting transactions and registration of mortgages by LAWYERS

4. Agreement of terms between the parties

5. Bank counter of banknotes with verification of their AUTHENTICITY 

6. Accelerating the evaluation of the object

7. Documents for registration WITHOUT QUEUE


Aristocrat LLC is the official representative of the owner and partner of leading banks.

2-room apartment, 57.8 m², 12/13 floor, Generala Belik 13

3 440 000,00 ₽Price

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