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3k, 74 m², 9/9, Neibuta street, 21, Vladivostok

dressing room 
Luxurious view from the window  
Everything remains 
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The large loggia offers a magnificent view of the Golden Horn Bay during the day and a gorgeous view of the city in the evening. You will see and admire such things as: bridges, fireworks, beautiful luminous cruise ships coming, standing and going.

Warm, sunny side plus external insulation. The roof was completely renovated in 2018. In 2019, a new electricity meter was installed, and water meters were verified. There are two providers Alliance and Rostelecom. In addition to the usual there is a video intercom. Fresh renovation throughout the apartment using expensive materials, wiring replaced, walls aligned, PVC tiles on the floor, expensive wallpaper.

In the hall, the walls are finished with decorative environmentally friendly bricks and light laminate. Light panel, backlight with many modes of operation, as well as a sconce with imitation of fire - all this is controlled from the remote control in any combination. A folding sofa, a large TV, a good speaker system with an amplifier and a subwoofer create the effect of being in a cinema.

Furniture and household appliances
The bedroom is finished with an imitation of timber, there is a smell of fresh wood, which, in combination with air conditioning, favorably affects the rest. Bamboo curtains, a double bed with an orthopedic mattress, and a built-in corner wardrobe will accommodate all your things, because it has drawers, shelves, a place for dresses, a place for shirts, a special hanger for trousers and more._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
The dimmable LED chandelier will allow you to create any atmosphere.

Kitchen 16.5 sq.m! Made to order and equipped with everything you need. Lots of different cabinets and drawers. Large expensive two-door Samsung refrigerator with a filter, water supply, two types of ice, a “0” compartment for fresh products and other things, a Gorenje built-in oven, a Gorenje glass-ceramic hob with many functions, including an alarm clock, a timer, etc., a Gorenje dishwasher, extractor hood, Bork microwave, Redmond multicooker, Italian sliding table made of solid wood, large work surface + additional pull-out tabletop. There is a stone mosaic on the wall, a Sony TV with Internet support, an audio system with a subwoofer. There are filters for cold and hot water, during the summer shutdown, hot water from titanium also enters the kitchen.

The bathroom has a large mirror with bright illumination, underfloor heating, an extractor hood, an 8kg washing machine, and most importantly, a shower cabin with a full bath, an adjustable Jacuzzi, steam, radio, foot massage and a Charcot shower.

High-quality massive expensive metal front door with two locks.

A new playground has been made in the courtyard, next to the house there are 2 parking lots, house parking, within walking distance of the bus terminus, several gyms, shops, a kindergarten, schools, an OK hypermarket, there is also a store in the house.

3k, 74 m², 9/9, Neibuta street, 21, Vladivostok

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